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Home Schooling

Practical Daily Living Support

Do you need help shopping, paying bills, doing household chores or cooking? Delamore has flexible services dedicated to assisting our clients in improving their lives.

Digital Calculator

Budgeting Advice

Budgetting gives you control of your money and life. It lets you see how much money you have and helps you to better manage your money for a better life. 

Delamore can assist you with improving your financial situation through expert advice.

Online Class

Employment and Education

Do you feel ready to work or get back into learning? Delamore can provide guidance and a support person to help you get back into work or study. We help with writing your CVs, interviews preparation, assisting in study applications and much more

Healthy Sandwich

Healthy Living

A key to a better life is healthier living, if you are wanting to improve your eating habits, get into an excercise routine or create a roadmap for a healthy living plan, Delamore is committed to helping you to live your best and healthiest life, get in touch with us today! 

Office Work

Goal setting and support mentoring

Planning better living for yourself can often be lonely and daunting however, everyone deserves someone who will help support their lifes dreams and goals, at Delamore we have a dedicated team who can help frame your goals and mentor you along the way, get in touch with today!.


Self manage medication Support

Self managing your medication can be hard and also requires a lot of discipline. Delamore is here to help you aquire that discipline so you are able to manage your own medication, get in touch with one of our team today for this support. 

Do you need a safe place to stay?

Our Safe house Locations:

  • Safet House:
    Herne Bay, Intensive Support Residential Service

  • Pt Erin House:
    Herne Bay, Housing and Recovery Residential Service

  • Rockfield Rd:
    Penrose, Housing and Recovery Residential Service

  • Jon's House:
    Te Atatu Peninsula, Intensive Support Residential Service

  • St Judes:
    Glen Eden, Low Intensity Support Residential Service

  • Manumalo:
    Massey West, Pacific Housing and Recovery Residential Service

  • Recreational and Respite:
    We rent a property in Warkworth called Hari Nui- it’s a perfect base for camping and outdoor experiences.

  • Respite options also include a property at Manly on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

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Manumalo Services

At Manumalo, our Pacific service, we provide Welcome Packs in different languages with loads of information for both you and your family.

Other ways we can work with your family:

  • Let them know their rights as family members.

  • Hold monthly meetings to review and discuss any service delivery issues.

  • Ensure negotiation over any support changes.

  • Employ a complaints procedure.

  • Run annual satisfaction surveys.

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